Free Software 2020

Managed dedicated servers are the most effective, fast and secure method to be able to use the unlock tool completely free of charge and without any restrictions. any managed servers are available at any time.



Managed servers is capable of running on any Windows, Mac or Linux computer. these managed dedicated servers work online, regardless of the connection you have. managed services provider provides the option to choose the version of the software, and also the version of operating system that your pc has.

What is a managed server

When a website achieves a certain number of visits, simultaneous or daily, and shared hosting falls short, migrating to a dedicated server that offers sufficient resources is the most logical solution.

However, when hiring standard dedicated hosting, what is being reserved is a machine, and as such, certain technical knowledge is needed to be able to operate it effectively. In fact, the hosting provider usually provides an IP address, the root user and the password that allows it to be connected to the corresponding terminal; But, unless you have management experience with Linux, server/machine management can become a job in itself.

Who’s in the best interest of a managed server

There are two main reasons to hire a managed server: if you don’t have the technical knowledge to configure and take advantage of hosting capabilities well, or if you don’t have time to do so.
In fact, both individuals and companies opt for managed servers to reduce the amount of «manual» computing work that has to be done on a hosting in order to keep it in good condition.