Who are we?

It is no mystery that technology day after day plays a fundamental role in the development of any society, especially smartphones. not having a smartphone is sympaimo of de-update.

knowing how technology is advancing is very important that is why https://www.server.isoflite.com/ is born with the aim of bringing reliable, timely and effective information about the different events that are emerging today.

the idea of creating this website was born in the integration of several friends who share a desafly fondness towards the technological. this group is organized by engineers, teachers and editors who carry the information so that it can be read by anyone who visits this website.

we know that there are many digital pages or plateforms like this, but we differentiate ourselves from others in the sense of carrying information in a timely manner.

We invite you to visit us periodically, because we are a working group that will always be available to you.